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Reincarnation in the Druze Faith

The soul was created in the beginning from a spark of God’s will and its existence is eternal– based on my understanding of the Druze faith. Our body is a vessel for our soul, and our souls cannot exist without our bodies. In order to experience God’s creation and transcend …

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Soul’s Journey in Reincarnation Revisited

After publishing The Soul’s Journey in Reincarnation on Druze Times in August 2019, I noticed many people discussing this topic online, questioning popular beliefs, and picking up new things. Many readers online asked me for more clarification on this subject.  So, let’s keep it simple and make this topic of …

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The Soul’s Journey in Reincarnation

Samsara, rebirth, and incarnation are different names of the same concept called Reincarnation (التقمّص) by al-Muwahhideen (also known as السبعيّة الفاطميّة – al-Sabaeyya al-Fatimia). The Christians call it Resurrection (القيامة), while the Ithna Ashariyya (الإثنعشريّة), a Shiite Muslim sect, call it Revival (رجعة). Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul …

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