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Our World After Coronavirus

Pandemics have always troubled human civilizations throughout history. Many of these widespread diseases have had severe impacts on human society from causing death to large numbers of the global population, to contributing to an end of a civilization. During the reign of Justinian I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire …

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Druze Who Act Justly to One Another

In the book, The Druzes, by Nejla M. Abu-Izzeddin, Nejla writes, “faith and good works are inseparable, born of the light cast in the believers’ hearts.” Included after is the following passage from a scriptural manuscript titled Al-Shari’a al-Ruhaniyya (the Spiritual Law), discovered in the middle of the twentieth century. …

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The Power of Fasting for the Faithful

A sign of God’s infinite mercy toward mankind is in the commandments and duties to which we can commit. God’s commands are for our own good. It’s not to feel His power on us; He asked us to pray. It’s not that He derives pleasure from making us suffer; He …

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Renouncing Idolatry, A Principle of The Druze Faith

The third tenet in Tawhid is translated by the late Sami Makarem as “Renouncing all Beliefs Leading to the Negation of the Oneness of God”. While this tenet extends across other doctrines, our faith embraces unity and refutes idolatry.  Wiaam El Khatib: Our monotheistic beliefs were notably alluded to during …

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About The Druze, “Al Muwahhidun”

The Druze are a small ethno-religious minority with approximately 1.5 million living today across the world. Over one thousand years ago, they settled in mountainous villages that later were included in present day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Golan Heights, and historic Palestine. For most of their existence, the Druze have been …

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