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“The Druze Faith” book by Sami Makarem – paperback in English (out of stock)

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The Druze Faith, by Sami Nasib Makarem, is the paperback edition of the timeless book first published in 1974 by Caravan. This is the only paperback you will find anywhere in the world, and we have a very limited quantity left in inventory. Used hardcover copies of this book are selling for between $150 and $300 on Amazon. We will not be able to acquire any more of these books.



We are completely sold out and cannot procure any more copies of this specific book.


Paperback, Limited Release (153 pages, white cover)

ISBN-13: 978-0882065175

ISBN-10: 0882065173

Out of stock

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The Druze Faith by Sami Nasib Makarem, paperback limited edition is the most demanded book on the Druze faith in the English language. The hardcover has been out of print for decades, and this paperback is almost out of stock completely with no ability to reorder.


This history-making book, written at the request of the Shaykh al-Aql, spiritual leader of the Druzes, and the American Druze Society, for the first time lifts the official veil of secrecy surrounding this esoteric religion. In a scholarly work, Professor Makarem, himself a Druze, uses medieval manuscript sources still under the seal of secrecy to trace the history, beliefs, and customs of this commonly misunderstood religious faith from its origins in the eleventh century A.D. under the Fatimid caliphs of Egypt.

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