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About The Druze, “Al Muwahhidun”

The Druze are a small ethno-religious minority with approximately 1.5 million living today across the world. Over one thousand years ago, they settled in mountainous villages that later were included in present day Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Golan Heights, and historic Palestine.

For most of their existence, the Druze have been divided, persecuted, and subjugated by outside nations and foreign influence. Historically, they suffered severe losses to Islamic extremists and foreign invaders. Older Druze communities continue to show durability and resilience while younger ones forge ahead into new frontiers. In more recent times, they face existential threats from an erosion of identity, isolation across nation boundaries, economic hardship, and political turmoil.

Today, you can find small Druze communities all over the world. They are loyal, hard working citizens for the countries in which they live. If you know of a Druze, then you know about their integrity, generosity, and love for their fellow human being.

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