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Open Volunteer Positions

Druze Times can use your assistance for the roles listed below. If you can donate 3 to 5 hours of your time each week, please let us know. The benefit is in knowing you’ll be helping our brothers and sisters all over the world. We are grateful for the people who dedicate their time to this online publication!

We are also looking for correspondents in Druze communities across the globe, especially in the United States, Lebanon, Syria, Venezuela, Canada, Jordan, Australia, and Germany with newsworthy information that affects the local community. Below is a listing of available volunteer opportunities:

Team Writer

The Volunteer Writer creates written works and articles of acceptable subjects and categories. It is necessary for writers to produce at least one article per week. Writers will take part in peer and editorial reviews to help refine and publish their own written works. Writers are also expected to secure appropriate images or video content to go along with articles.

Peer Reviewer

The volunteer Peer Reviewer reviews draft works by team writers and assists in content additions and modifications based on established review guidelines. The reviewer also collaborates with staff members on enhancing written works.

Staff Coordinator

Maintaining a list of all staff and editorial tasks and their details, assignees, priorities, status and deadlines. Coordinate deliverables, help editors schedule and maintain publication calendar.

Managing Editor

The Volunteer Managing Editor reviews all works to ensure they adhere to Druze Times Writers Guidelines. The editor also edits and final reviews all written works for publication.

Staff Coordinator

The Volunteer Staff Coordinator helps onboard volunteers, completes forms or agreements, supports staff needs, facilitates staff requests, maintains communication, defines roles, resolves issues, helps define policies and procedures.

Video Blogger

The Volunteer Video Blogger creates engaging, entertaining, and informative video content for online publishing on as well as affiliated online video platforms. The content may focus on business, startups, kids, health, wellness, fitness, cooking, history, and spirituality.

Business Liaison

The Volunteer Business Liaison communicates on behalf of Druze Times with business contacts, leaders, executives, and business owners to explore, facilitate, and manage business initiatives.

Web Developer

The Volunteer Web Developer makes enhancements to WordPress and the PHP code base, theme changes, database maintenance, and possibly new development using javascript or react. The role also includes developing web functionality using php, mysql, javascript, react or angular, and AWS lightsail.

Web Designer

The Volunteer Web Designer makes web UI/UX enhancements utilizing WordPress theme customization, html, css, javascript, and improves overall site look, feel, and consistency.

eCommerce Vendor Manager

The Volunteer eCommerce Vendor Manager assists Druze home-based business owners in Lebanon with developing products for sale online and shipping to local or regional customers.

eCommerce Site Manager

The Volunteer eCommerce Manager manages planned eCommerce store operations, ecommerce store products, inventory, listings, prices, details, transactions, and shipping logistics.

Videographer (Lebanon)

The Volunteer Videographer based in Lebanon assists with video production including recording, editing, and publishing of interviews, events, news reports, and documentaries.

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