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Alaa Abou Fakher: The Badge of Lebanon’s Revolution and Loving Family Man (Obituary)

With a heavy heart, we sadly announce the death of Alaa Adib Abou Fakher, at the age of 38. Alaa was born in 1981 and lived in Choueifat, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. He was shot and killed in Khaldeh, Lebanon on November 12, 2019, as he was peacefully protesting against …

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Protesters in Chouf, Lebanon Gather in Beiteddine for Martyr Alaa Abou Fakher

Protesters from Chouf, Lebanon gather in Beiteddine on 11/13/19 to pay tribute to fallen Lebanese martyr Alaa Abou Fakher who quickly became a symbol of the Revolution in Lebanon. Haifa Radwan from Druze Times was on the scene. The fallen hero of the revolution took his family and protested day …

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Lebanese Revolution 2019 Interview with Chadi B. Ghaith in Beirut, Lebanon.

This is an exclusive third interview with spiritual author and thinker Chadi B. Ghaith from his hometown in Beirut, Lebanon. The interview covers many important questions about the current revolution in Lebanon which has the popular united support of all the Lebanese against the corruption and injustice of the ruling …

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STOVE (“Wjaq”) Film directed by Jad Andari, 2019

Stove is a feature documentary shot through the eyes of a Lebanese expatriate who returns to the Lebanese village of Bzebdine to rediscover images from his childhood. The documentary takes the form of a visual poem–journeying through the spirit of rural Mount Lebanon and the people who live there. The …

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