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Lebanese MP Mark Daou Interview with host Fouad Barakat, Druze Times, Feb 25, 2023

In this new installment, we interview esteemed Lebanese Member of Parliament, Mark Daou. Mr. Daou was elected a Member of Parliament in Lebanon’s May 2022 elections. He is also lecturer in media studies at the American University of Beirut. Host Fouad Barakat has been active in the American Druze Community for the past 40 Years. He is a past President of the American Druze Society, Southern California Chapter, and is active in Lebanese and Arab American organizations and local labor unions. 

Interview Topics

In his interview with Lebanese Member of Parliament, Mark Daou, Fouad Barakat asks him the following questions:

  • From your perspective, how do you assess the “state of the union” of our Druze communities in Lebanon, Syria and Occupied Palestine and Occupied Syria (Golan Heights)?
  • The Ain Wazein Hospital is a major hospital for Druze in the Chouf area and it has been accused of corruption and bad treatment of the patients there. Can you please tell us what have you done to investigate this matter and stop the abuses? 
  • What do you think about all the traditional Lebanese political parties? Do you think they stayed true to their principles and mission? 
  • How do you rate their performance in the past 50 years? Do you believe they will be able to continue to sustain their grip on power, the government and its institutions, especially in lieu of their miserable performance?
  • The overwhelming majority of the Lebanese people including the Druze community believe that all the traditional political parties including Hezbollah and the Orange and Future parties are all corrupt? What do you think?
  • Are these traditional parties able to attract the new members from the youth generation? 
  • In what order do you believe the Druze and Lebanese people believe in first: family, religion, country, leader, and money?
  • Do you believe Lebanon will be able to get rid of the corruption that has plagued their very existence? If Yes, How?
  • In your opinion, can we re-build a viable, prosperous, and democratic Lebanon if corruption is not stamped out and the rule of law is enforced on everyone equally? 
  • How do you feel about nepotism in politics? Do you think that the sons and daughters of politicians should automatically inherit the positions as party leaders?
  • Do you believe in being held accountable especially when you are a public servant? Should public servants be held to a higher standard? 
  • Do you believe the current and previous politicians were held accountable for their actions or were held to higher standards? 
  • In your opinion, what are the 3 main reasons that are preventing the Lebanese people from creating a viable country and a functioning democracy? 
  • Do you think it’s time to create a new inclusive party that is non-religious and is based on a political, social and economic agenda and that promotes freedom, equality, civil & human rights, rule of law and democracy for all its citizens? 
  • Do you know of any political leaders in Lebanon that are not corrupt?
  • What is your position on the Syrian refugee problem?
  • What is your position on the investigation of the Lebanese port explosion?
  • What is your position on the judicial system in Lebanon? 
  • What is your position on the Lebanese bank deposits issue? Should all the money be returned to the depositors? 

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