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Lebanese Revolution 2019 Interview with Chadi B. Ghaith in Beirut, Lebanon.

This is an exclusive third interview with spiritual author and thinker Chadi B. Ghaith from his hometown in Beirut, Lebanon. The interview covers many important questions about the current revolution in Lebanon which has the popular united support of all the Lebanese against the corruption and injustice of the ruling politicians and warlords.

The following is an outline of the interview and an idea of what you can expect from the video:

We are speaking with gifted writer and Author, Chadi Ghaith. You may know him as a spiritual thinker and certainly a person with unique insights ranging from Lebanon all the way to the meaning of our existence. Our first brief phone call with Mr. Chadi Ghaith was so popular online that we asked for a second session to ask more questions. Hi Chadi!

1. Are any roads still being blocked? It seemed like people had mixed feelings about this.

2. It seems that the roads are no longer blocked. Has this weakened the peaceful revolution?

3. What demographic or age group is leading this revolution if any? I know everyone is in the streets. But is there a certain age group that is more energized and committed to change?

4. The politicians or warlords in some respects appear as strong as ever. Have the protests of the previous weeks weakened their choke hold on their people?

5. Do the politicians still enjoy the support of their constituents? Or are there cracks forming in their groups?

6. For those that work for the corrupt politicians: are they unconscious or in denial, or are they aware of their wrongs and just doing it for money?

7. What has changed in Lebanon since this revolutionary wave in the past few weeks? Are there new freedoms for the people? Have we shattered some “red lines” yet?

8. Sometimes it seems hopeless because of the intimidation coming from those in power today. The Lebanese still cannot speak their mind, fearing reprisal or punishment from those in charge. Is this unchanged? Will it ever change?

9. Are we in a different “phase” if the revolution if you will? Or has it simmered down? What might we expect from the people?

10. How much more fight and determination do the people have to stay the course? It’s been weeks and they’ve been subjected to some of the mind tricks and harsh tools of the corrupt politicians or warlords in charge.

11. Do you think any of the corrupt politicians will be held accountable? If so, how/when?

We have been speaking with Mr. Chadi Ghaith. Thank you for your insights and your time with us today!

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