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Druze Times Mission Statement

The following Druze Times Mission Statement was drafted on 7/9/2019 and last updated on 01/26/2020.

Our aim today is to build Druze Times into a valuable digital media and news platform to increase the happiness and well-being of Druze people across the world. Someone once said, “If something is important enough, you should try it even if the probable outcome is a failure.” People have told us that our worldwide numbers are too small to support a Druze platform, that news which is important to us is already available via social media, and that it would be a waste of time. We believe it is of critical importance to promote virtuous qualities and values even when they appear in the most defined of universal identities such as the Druze.

We can imagine the day when will have a digital media and news platform that will inform, engage, and entertain thousands of daily Druze visitors all over the world. I’m sure you may have a few questions for us, and we will attempt to answer them here.

What is Druze Times about?

Druze Times may include news related to our local communities and global influences, business and technology, social and economic policy, culture and travel, food and cooking, politics, religion, and children’s topics, health and fitness, etc.

Does Druze Times have any political motivations?

Druze Times has no political affiliations or motivations whatsoever and will always seek to include and support all Druze wherever they are. We may report on political news just like any other news or media organization, but we will seek to be unbiased and always work for the greater good.

Why Druze Times and why now?

Our mission is to enhance the well-being for all Druze people across the world. For some, this means prosperity and liberty, and for others it means health and happiness. By addressing the global Druze population, we can achieve a greater outcome for everyone involved.

Using, we can provide valuable information including ideas, insights, news, data, research, analysis, and opinion. We can offer encouraging and empowering content in the form of written, visual, and audio programming. All the while, we will act in harmony with the nations and under the laws in which our Druze communities reside.

Will Druze Times make any money?

Our motivation is not monetary, and for a digital platform such motivation would be futile considering our relatively small audience. We will need resources to operate and maintain this effort, however, and this need will only grow as our offering and reach evolves. To achieve these ends, we may ask for donations or raise funds through our own activities such as eCommerce, subscriptions, or paid events.

Who is behind Druze Times?

Druze Times began as a charitable endeavor by Druze member(s) in the United States, along with the help of wonderful Druze volunteers around the world. We founded the media site and its underlying ideas to promote the well-being of Druze and ensure that it benefits our global community. Druze Times operates as a nonprofit corporation to provide a news media platform for future Druze generations.

This sounds like an enormous undertaking, especially for a small community that is estimated to number around one million people. But like anything else that’s worth doing, it starts with small steps and help from generous volunteers in our community. If you would like to volunteer for one of our positions, please let us know.

About Henry Jawhary

Henry Jawhary is the Managing Editor for Druze Times. He currently resides United States and spends most of his time working in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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