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Getting Married Within The Druze Faith

Image courtesy: Akram Chaya - Sawfar, Lebanon.
A successful marriage takes hard work and dedication. It is built on factors such as communication, love, support and understanding. As a marital relationship grows over time, common goals like children, finances, careers and faith become more important. Significant differences in these goals over time could strengthen the bond of marriage, or even dissolve it.

It’s a well established fact that marital life is a cycle where successful parenting creates children who are more likely to have successful marriages. Thus, a good marriage deserves the effort if we are to give future generations a fighting chance. We have to start with a healthy marriage where children can be spiritually nurtured and grow in a harmonious environment.

Whether to marry a Druze is not a question of ethics or if a non-Druze parent can raise children with good qualities similar to those found in the Druze faith. Raising good kids can be found in any religion or faith that strives for the good of humankind and God’s creation. In the Druze faith, reincarnation is the soul’s soul’s journey from one life to another on a path towards the ultimate Truth. The soul builds on previous knowledge acquired in its previous life. That’s why, I believe, it is not a coincidence for one to be born in a Druze family.

Marrying within the Druze community is about the journey of our souls since the creation of mankind. This is very strongly intertwined in the Druze belief of reincarnation. Our souls reincarnate from one life to the next, by rebirth into another body right after death. Our souls realize more of the ultimate Truth in every new life, and transcend in knowledge by building on previous experiences.

For a Druze couple to succeed in marriage, they should have mutual love and respect, and similar spiritual beliefs and practices to support the marriage even after the physical attraction fades away. Both partners can encourage each other to grow spiritually and nurture that in their children as well.

Mutual commitment to make progress toward the ultimate Truth keeps the entire family on the same path. It’s needed if they are to learn from each other and acquire true knowledge together. Otherwise, a married couple may be on different spiritual paths and their kids would have an uncertain spiritual future.

Through reincarnation, our experiential knowledge from previous lives never goes to waste. The spiritual knowledge that we acquire in one life is preserved into our next life. To continue to grow that knowledge, a Druze child must be born to parents who can nurture their progress in faith towards the ultimate Truth. Therefore, both parents have to be Druze to foster the eagerness to acquire more spiritual and non-spiritual knowledge in their children.

Children are born in a Druze family along their journey in the cycle of reincarnation–from one life to the next. If this cycle is disrupted, their path towards the ultimate goal is interrupted, and attainment of the ultimate Truth is not possible.

Having children is part of the cycle of life in this universe. Partners with similar beliefs as a basis for trust, respect and understanding are more likely to succeed in marriage–and enable the spiritual upbringing of their children.

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