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Reincarnation in the Druze Faith

Image Courtesy: Rida Abu Fakhir, Photography, Lebanon (fb: rida.abufakhir)
The soul was created in the beginning from a spark of God’s will and its existence is eternal– based on my understanding of the Druze faith. Our body is a vessel for our soul, and our souls cannot exist without our bodies. In order to experience God’s creation and transcend in knowledge, we must be able to experience the physical world through our bodies, and trust the non-physical to our souls.

As we move from one life to another, we acquire more knowledge and get closer to the ultimate Truth about our existence. Our human body is a necessary vessel for our soul to experience the physical world. Our souls cannot embody an inferior or non-human form. If a soul were to embody, say, an animal or plant, then the soul’s experience of the world would be insufficient. Our ability to learn and progress in knowledge would be impaired. Likewise, without reincarnation, our souls would stagnate.

It makes sense then for us to care for our body in a manner that allows it to perform its role: to experience the physical world, clearly and without any impediments. Anything that impairs the proper functioning of our body such as illicit drugs or alcohol would prevent it from serving the purpose of its existence.

People often ask why they were given a sick or imperfect body and someone else was not. They wonder why they were born into poverty, and others were not. How were they born into servitude and not others? The answer to these questions is part of the divine wisdom of God–the design of His creation. It is through different bodies and circumstances that we experience God’s creation. By those differences, we learn the different aspects of His creation.

We might be awarded with health and wealth based on our previous life and actions. Serving God and His creation well in a previous life will help us in the next. We might be born to illness or poverty to experience other aspects of God’s creation. And we learn from these experiences. We are also judged based on the way we live our lives through these roles.

As our souls reincarnate from one body to another, and from one life to the next, they progress towards the ultimate knowledge and Truth about the Unity of God. Our souls are born in different bodies from different socioeconomic backgrounds and religions based on their level of transcendence.

Being born into a Druze family is not a coincidence. It’s similar to a student progressing from one grade to another. There is a sequence that has to be followed. One cannot go from elementary school into a university without going through middle school and high school. Our souls have to move from one life and body to another in a continuation of the path to knowledge. The soul has seen many lives and will see many more. Live well!

About Dr. Ramy Fayad

Dr. Ramy Fayad is a Medical Doctor and Nephrologist in Toledo, Ohio (US). He treats conditions affecting the kidneys such as renal failure, kidney stones, or chronic kidney disease.

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