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Truthfulness, a Principle of the Druze Faith

Image Courtesy: Iyad K Btaddini, Chouf, Lebanon
This article is part of a series covering the principles of the Druze faith. Multiple contributors were present at a recent round-table discussion on the Druze faith, and their comments are shown below in a multi dialogue format. Special thanks to our Contributors: Dr. Ramy Fayad (Ohio), Sam Radwan (Florida), Wiaam El Khatib (Indiana), Henry Jawhary (California)
The first and most important principle of the Druze Faith is Truthfulness (“Sidq”, صدق). Honesty or truthfulness is given serious consideration in most religions. Honesty is such a revealing character trait, it is said: whoever can be trusted with a little can be trusted with much. Sidq…

Dr. Ramy Fayad: I would like to suggest that this actually means “honesty” rather than the literal meaning of “truthfulness”. It is in all we think, do and say. It is the connection to the Absolute Truth unveiled by both words and actions. It is truthfulness in all of our thoughts, words and actions.

Henry Jawhary: If something belongs to us and is united with us, then anything opposed to it will be obvious because it is so different from us. When you live and breathe truth you become truth. It is then that you will be able to know “what is true” the most.

Sam Radwan: Truth is always prevalent no matter how obscured it seems. It is only one. In the far east, this concept of truth is called Dharma.  Deceit creates doubt, confusion, and falsehood. Shadow (egoic) cannot exist within the light and doubt cannot exist within truth. The Light of truth is beyond any shadow of doubt.  So truthfulness of tongue is to prevent your ego from deceiving you, or for it to promote deceit to others.

Deception can be expressed from you (via the individual mind or ego) or to you. Deceit can be defined as concealing the truth, or misrepresenting it ( a shadow cast by your ego). The original meaning of the word sin is to miss the mark–to deviate from the center and this creates imbalance, chaos, illusion and cannot be sustained.

Wiaam El Khatib: Truthfulness comes in many complex forms, such as through the spoken word, acceptance of the divine call and universal justice, intention to serve only the One, and self-accountability. This paramount virtue sets the foundation for all other virtues to follow.

One should stress the importance of truthfulness and honesty not just externally, but also within oneself. In the words of the great Socrates, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” In striving to be self-aware, one must routinely reflect upon not just what they are feeling or thinking, but be honest enough with themselves to question their true intentions, sensitivities, and weakness. Only through this process can self-transformation and purification of the soul occur.

Pythagoras himself used to instruct his followers every night to review their thoughts and deeds from that day as an exercise of honest self-reflection and paving the way for personal growth. This also encourages a hunger for enlightenment and curiosity towards strengthening faith and seeking knowledge for the sole purpose of union with the One. A Druze’s path to honesty starts within him or herself.

Dr. Ramy Fayad: Perhaps “Sudq” is in all of our thoughts, words and actions. It is in our prayers to the One and Only. It is in our ongoing strive to the Absolute Truth. It is in letting go of our Ego. It is in our belief that we and everything around us is the manifestation of God–the One and only God.

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