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Letter of Concern Sent to American Druze Society National Office by Aggrieved Presidential Candidate

The previous Candidate for President, Wiley Jawhary, of American Druze Society (ADS), Southern California Chapter appears to have sent a formal letter to the National ADS office requesting their immediate assistance to conduct a Re-Vote of the recent ADS election in the SoCal Chapter and investigate the local ADS Election Committee, among other things.

The letter specifically states: “Many in our community are calling for a re-vote, replacement of Election Committee members, investigation and replacement of the unknown accounting firm used in the election, and investigating any conflicts of interest between the Election Committee and the outside accounting office.”

The letter obtained is shown below, and indicates that voting ballots were being opened all month long by an obscure accounting office, and election candidates were denied access to witness ballots being opened to ensure their integrity.

Why an obscure accounting office would be allowed to handle such an important activity for the ADS organization, and why ballots would be handled in such a way has seriously questioned the integrity of the election process according to many in the community.

This formal request comes at a time where a number of concerns relating to the recent election have been raised by Druze members of the ADS throughout the United States. 

If you have any information about errors or mistakes made in connection with this recent ADS election, please contact

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