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Prayer for Kids to Use

Image Courtesy: Iyad K. Btaddini, Al Chouf, Lebanon
A good friend of mine recently asked me for a prayer that her child could use while she was away on work. I spent a few hours scouring the internet and our own resources to find the right prayer, but came up empty-handed. For a moment, I felt lost and my mental ruminations took me back decades to when I was a young child in a giant world with no magic–no prayer to strengthen me.

Right then, I though if we can write and we believe deeply in the greatness of God, then surely we can put together a good prayer. I hope it helps kids everywhere to find strength. I hope you like it too.

Prayer For Kids to Use (Druze Times)

God, even though I cannot see You
I know You are with me
Light my path today

Give me strength to make it through
Guide my every step
Protect me from harm’s way

Your love for us I know is true
Take care of us
Let everything be okay

Thank You God

Prayer For Kids by Henry Jawhary, 1/10/2020

You may copy or republish this Prayer freely by giving proper attribution to the author and God bless.

About Henry Jawhary

Henry Jawhary is the Managing Editor for Druze Times. He currently resides United States and spends most of his time working in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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  1. Hey Uncle Henry its Jad and your prayer is grate and
    Good luck making more.

  2. Hi Uncle Henry and I love your prayer.
    from Gigi

  3. Hi Uncle Henry I love your prayer a lot and thanks
    for making it.