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STOVE (“Wjaq”) Film directed by Jad Andari, 2019

Stove is a feature documentary shot through the eyes of a Lebanese expatriate who returns to the Lebanese village of Bzebdine to rediscover images from his childhood. The documentary takes the form of a visual poem–journeying through the spirit of rural Mount Lebanon and the people who live there. The trailer to the documentary is available on Youtube and here. The full film has not been released yet to the general public.

Jad Andari is a Lebanese filmmaker, born 1986 in Falougha, Mount Lebanon. Like many Lebanese, Jad and his parents were forced to flee Lebanon in search of work and a better life. He grew up in Los Angeles, California, and eventually made his first film, Pawn (short, 2017), which screened in a Tokyo Film Festival. Jad recently directed his second film Stove–a feature documentary.

The team at Druze Times had a chance to speak with Jad recently before he left Los Angeles. His return to Lebanon is with a renewed mission to create more films that celebrate the rich Lebanese history. Jad has an extraordinary presence and a creative talent which he uses to illuminate the beauty of life and the human condition.

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