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Forget About The Druze People

It’s true that many problems have come from the limited identities and the boundaries we set between each other. We are after all human beings made of this earth. We would help anyone if we could regardless of who they are or where they came from. However, if we help by writing words of motivation and inspiration, will everyone accept us? And can we reach people throughout the world? The truth is a big, fat, uninspiring No! Not unless you reach out to those around you first, and work your way out. Before good can be transferred between people, there must be two conditions met– accessibility and acceptance.

Spreading words of kindness and well wishes requires that others be accessible. Many people do not make themselves accessible to those they don’t know. If you share something in common with someone — familial, cultural, ethnic, religious, geographic, professional, etc. — you can gain access to them. People can also make themselves available even if they’re not physically close. This point can be illustrated using any social media platform. The more you have in common with someone, the more they’re willing to accept your connection.

The second important consideration is the issue of acceptance. It’s highly unlikely that groups or communities would listen to a complete stranger. They may not accept outside help, especially if it’s in the form of positive thoughts and encouragement. That’s why it’s important to be first accepted by those you wish to help. Without acceptance, the efforts will fall to the edge of the road. One may even surmise, “why is he trying to help us when he could have helped those closest to him?”

It seems like the world has as many support organizations as there are people in it. This has been an instinctive practice sown into the fabric of human nature. Yet today we are being coached by mystics into getting rid of limiting boundaries we set between each other. These same spiritual coaches have spent most of their lives helping their own communities, cultures, ethnic and/or religious groups. It’s a wonderful view, but replete with edits and a happy-go-lucky trailer.

Good deeds should start close to home and make their way out to the local community, state, country, and the world. Before someone grants a kind stranger the keys of access and acceptance, there has to be a trail of good deeds. Helping those you know breeds trust and credibility amongst those you do not know.

We were born into our families and our communities; It wasn’t a choice. The Druze are among the most loving and kind groups of people. We continue as we have always, to help and support the communities we live in. Kindness starts with family, then community, and only then it can spread to the world.

About Henry Jawhary

Henry Jawhary is the Managing Editor for Druze Times. He currently resides United States and spends most of his time working in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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