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Marriage Within the Druze Community: Key Considerations

Marriage within the Druze community is an important cultural and religious tradition, and Druze individuals choose to marry within the community in order to maintain cultural traditions and strengthen the community. They feel a stronger sense of shared values, traditions, and cultural practices with those from the same community, and …

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Getting Married Within The Druze Faith

A successful marriage takes hard work and dedication. It is built on factors such as communication, love, support and understanding. As a marital relationship grows over time, common goals like children, finances, careers and faith become more important. Significant differences in these goals over time could strengthen the bond of …

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Making Druze Relationships Work

Men and women have wrestled forever to find the secrets of a successful relationship. Druze mothers claim that the secret lies in being a faithful, respectful, and loving wife. However, contradicting expectations between men and women do not make this advice complete. When conflicts arise, a resolution requires effort from …

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