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Parenting on Druze Times

Raising Special Needs Children in a Religious Community

Raising children properly has always been the most difficult challenge for many parents. Some Druze parents model the behavior of their own parents, being inspired by how they were raised themselves. Others behave according to information acquired through books, websites, or formal advice. Yet one of the major determinants of …

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Getting Married Within The Druze Faith

A successful marriage takes hard work and dedication. It is built on factors such as communication, love, support and understanding. As a marital relationship grows over time, common goals like children, finances, careers and faith become more important. Significant differences in these goals over time could strengthen the bond of …

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Raising Druze Kids with Love and Respect

It’s normal for Druze parents to search for the best method to discipline their kids. Raising children to be responsible and cooperative is not an easy task. For children, there’s also a need to understand and embrace our Druze culture and faith. This is difficult especially for those living outside …

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