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Our World After Coronavirus

Pandemics have always troubled human civilizations throughout history. Many of these widespread diseases have had severe impacts on human society from causing death to large numbers of the global population, to contributing to an end of a civilization. During the reign of Justinian I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire …

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Suffering a Pandemic in Desperate Search of Blessings

The roads are emptied, the courtyards are silent, except for some pigeons fluttering in and out, cooing in search of a mate. Very busy public spaces are so devoid of people, you’d never run into anyone. The skies are full of mainly empty “ghost” planes. Cafes and restaurants barely opening, …

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The Power of Fasting for the Faithful

A sign of God’s infinite mercy toward mankind is in the commandments and duties to which we can commit. God’s commands are for our own good. It’s not to feel His power on us; He asked us to pray. It’s not that He derives pleasure from making us suffer; He …

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Fighting Stroke and Heart Attack With Regular Exercise

Stroke and heart attack are two major causes of death in Lebanon. Regular physical exercise is one of the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t an article about weekly marathons or lifetime gym memberships, but a reminder that regular exercise like walking, jogging, hiking, and swimming can …

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