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History of the Druze

The Profound Influence of Ancient Egypt on Greek Wisdom and Philosophy

The intellectual achievements of ancient Greece have long been celebrated as a cornerstone of Western thought and culture. From the Socratic method to Platonic ideals, the influence of Greek wisdom and philosophy can be seen throughout history. However, the development of these ideas did not occur in isolation; ancient Greece …

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Golden Age of The Fatimid Empire, Birthplace of Muwahhideen

Wondering why the Fatimid period was called the “Golden Age”?  There are many useful and memorable contributions our Fatimid Imams have made to Islam, and the whole world. Here are some facts about the Fatimids, you may not know, that will make every Muwahhid appreciative of their beginnings at the …

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Did the Druze Magically Appear Out of Thin Air?

Virtually anything that is beautiful as a whole and diverse in its parts, like a flower and its petals, can be used to sow division. On August 10-11, 2019, the Islamic Umma, with all its diverse sects including Sunni, Shia and Druze, celebrated the holy occasion of al-Adha. During this …

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