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Dr. Ramy Fayad

Dr. Ramy Fayad is a Medical Doctor and Nephrologist in Toledo, Ohio (US). He treats conditions affecting the kidneys such as renal failure, kidney stones, or chronic kidney disease.

Getting Married Within The Druze Faith

A successful marriage takes hard work and dedication. It is built on factors such as communication, love, support and understanding. As a marital relationship grows over time, common goals like children, finances, careers and faith become more important. Significant differences in these goals over time could strengthen the bond of …

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Reincarnation in the Druze Faith

The soul was created in the beginning from a spark of God’s will and its existence is eternal– based on my understanding of the Druze faith. Our body is a vessel for our soul, and our souls cannot exist without our bodies. In order to experience God’s creation and transcend …

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