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Hanadi Abi Ali

Hanadi Abi Ali currently lives in Beirut, Lebanon where she teaches math and science, and writes on important health topics in her free time. Hanadi studied Environmental and Public Health at the American University of Beirut.

Our World After Coronavirus

Pandemics have always troubled human civilizations throughout history. Many of these widespread diseases have had severe impacts on human society from causing death to large numbers of the global population, to contributing to an end of a civilization. During the reign of Justinian I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire …

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Drinking Mate in The Time of Coronavirus

When visiting a house in Mount Lebanon, you are bound to be greeted with a broad smile, a tray of different snacks, and a steaming gourd of yerba maté. A slightly bitter herbal drink, maté is made with the leaves and stems of a bush (Ilex paraguariensis St. Hilaire) native …

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Raising Special Needs Children in a Religious Community

Raising children properly has always been the most difficult challenge for many parents. Some Druze parents model the behavior of their own parents, being inspired by how they were raised themselves. Others behave according to information acquired through books, websites, or formal advice. Yet one of the major determinants of …

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