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Hala Nasreddine

Hala Nouhad Nasreddine is a freelance journalist in Beirut, Lebanon. She has a background in International Affairs and Communications and is actively involved in nonprofit work.

Did the Druze Magically Appear Out of Thin Air?

Virtually anything that is beautiful as a whole and diverse in its parts, like a flower and its petals, can be used to sow division. On August 10-11, 2019, the Islamic Umma, with all its diverse sects including Sunni, Shia and Druze, celebrated the holy occasion of al-Adha. During this …

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Shocking Stereotypes of a Druze Community

Belonging to a sectarian minority is not easy in a country like Lebanon. It’s strictly divided across sectarian lines, and residents share a gloomy history of a 15-year civil war ending in 1989. The current political, economic and social dynamics of Lebanon has given way to many stereotypes about the …

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