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Bader Shehayeb

Bader Shehayeb has a passion for poetry and creative writing. She holds a masters degree in special education, and consults on communication skills and relationships. Bader currently resides in Lebanon where she writes online in both English and Arabic languages.

Alaa Abou Fakher: The Badge of Lebanon’s Revolution and Loving Family Man (Obituary)

With a heavy heart, we sadly announce the death of Alaa Adib Abou Fakher, at the age of 38. Alaa was born in 1981 and lived in Choueifat, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. He was shot and killed in Khaldeh, Lebanon on November 12, 2019, as he was peacefully protesting against …

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Making Druze Relationships Work

Men and women have wrestled forever to find the secrets of a successful relationship. Druze mothers claim that the secret lies in being a faithful, respectful, and loving wife. However, contradicting expectations between men and women do not make this advice complete. When conflicts arise, a resolution requires effort from …

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