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The Soul or “human psyche” according to Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. He believed that the human psyche, or soul, was comprised of three components: the ego, the personal unconscious, and the collective unconscious. Jung believed that the ego represents the conscious mind and is responsible for a person’s sense …

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Marriage Within the Druze Community: Key Considerations

Marriage within the Druze community is an important cultural and religious tradition, and Druze individuals choose to marry within the community in order to maintain cultural traditions and strengthen the community. They feel a stronger sense of shared values, traditions, and cultural practices with those from the same community, and …

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The Ordinary Druze Woman

A man can only see what his mind is capable of knowing. Anyone who wishes to wed a Druze woman must himself be on approximately the same level as her. Carl Jung once said of a man, “nowhere can he see anything more than what he is himself.”  We must …

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Letter of Concern Sent to American Druze Society National Office by Aggrieved Presidential Candidate

The previous Candidate for President, Wiley Jawhary, of American Druze Society (ADS), Southern California Chapter appears to have sent a formal letter to the National ADS office requesting their immediate assistance to conduct a Re-Vote of the recent ADS election in the SoCal Chapter and investigate the local ADS Election …

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  • Our World After Coronavirus

    Pandemics have always troubled human civilizations throughout history. Many of these widespread diseases have had severe impacts on human society from causing death to large numbers of the global population, to contributing to an end of a civilization. During the reign of Justinian I, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire …

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  • Suffering a Pandemic in Desperate Search of Blessings

  • The Power of Fasting for the Faithful

  • Raising Special Needs Children in a Religious Community

    Raising children properly has always been the most difficult challenge for many parents. Some Druze parents model the behavior of their own parents, being inspired by how they were raised themselves. Others behave according to information acquired through books, websites, or formal advice. Yet one of the major determinants of …

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